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Spitze K9 offers many different options for training your full-grown dog or puppy. One of these options is in-home dog training. In-home training allows you and your dog to work on correcting unacceptable behavior from the comforts of home where your dog is in a familiar environment. Inside their home dogs as well as humans have less pressure and distraction than they would in a foreign place. Depending on your dog, they can be shy around other dogs or in a new environment.

Additionally, many people who work from home like this option since they don’t have to leave and they can be around while the training occurs. Regardless of your reason or need for in-home dog training, understandably you want the bad behavior to stop.

Is In Home Training Right For My Dog or Puppy?

For young puppies, it is often crucial that they benefit from the focus at their new home in these early stages. In-home dog training is your best bet at around 8-18 weeks for basic commands such as “sit” “down” and “stay.” During this time your dog is at peak absorption and will be taking in EVERYTHING.

It is important not to put your dog through a board and train program until later in life. Intense training at a young age can curb your best friend’s individuality and ruin the parts that you can grow to love most about your dog.

Bad Behaviors Fixed Through In Home Training

There are some bad behaviors that can only be addressed in the environment where they occur. If you have specific dog behavior problems in the home that you need to address, Spitze K9 can come out for training sessions to help correct the issues you may be having. Here are some issues you may be experiencing.

My Dog Is Counter Surfing

Regardless of age or size, your dog may be tempted by the allure of people’s food on the kitchen counter or tables around the house.

Smaller dogs with more agility can sometimes jump up on the counter and get into your food causing the sandwich that you were looking forward to to “magically” disappear.

Larger dogs are known to prop their front paws up on the counter and eat it there or pull it down to the floor. In home dog training can solve this by targeting this behavior when it happens and taking the proper corrective action.

My Dog Is Scratching At The Door

When your dog scratches the doors in your home, it is not only annoying and bad behavior but their nails can also be destructive to the woodwork in your house. There can be many different reasons for this behavior including anxiety, curiosity about noise or something they saw outside, or they simply need to relieve themselves.

A well-behaved dog will stand patiently at the door instead of scratching it. If your dog is scratching at the door they can benefit from in home dog training sessions to stop this behavior in its tracks. Your doors will thank you.

My Dog is Chasing The Cat

There are different reasons that your dog may chase your cat. Some breeds have herding instincts and they may be trying to herd your cat while others may simply just be trying to play. While there is nothing explicitly wrong with playing, this can result in destruction to your house or other unwanted side effects like a stressful environment for your cat. An in home trainer with Spitze K9 will spot this behavior when it happens and work to correct it.

My Dog Keeps Peeing In The House

Lack of house training in a dog or puppy can be very frustrating due to the smell and mess that it creates inside your home. This is an issue best solved early, and Spitze K9 has expert trainers ready to help you and your dog overcome this issue right from home.

Effectiveness of In Home Dog Training

Most of our clients see results in the first in home training session. At the end of each session, we give you and your dog homework to work on until the next time we come over to work on their behavior. Depending on the dog and the issue, multiple sessions may be required.

Spitze K9 is proud to offer in home dog training. Pittsburgh dog owners can receive the best in training without leaving their property. You can call us at 412-498-6635 or fill out the form below to find out more!

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