See what some of our clients have said about the results of us training their dogs in Pittsburgh. We offer the best training in the area. We have done spectacular work globally as well. Be sure to check out our board and train option to maximize the positive effects on your dog.


Very well trained dog, the handling and obedience are both outstanding, will definitely be enlisting the help of training my shepherd.


On Cloud Nine!

On cloud nine, Drago has been engaged with me, like crazy! He has been really driven, I live it. Thank you!! You’re the BEST! THE BEST in the world!


No More Peeing in the House!

Sasha is actually listening to our commands, and no more peeing in the house. Thank you for all your help with Sasha! We appreciate you taking the time to work with her!

Cheri and Brian


I see Antonio out with his dogs.  All I can say is, WOW! Immediately scheduled with him just to get my dog to come when he is called.