Husky Dog at Spitze K9 For Board and Train

Dog Board and Train Program Overview

At Spitze K9, our board and train program provides your older puppy or full-grown dog with daily training at our facility. The duration can be from two weeks to a few months, depending on the needs of the dog and the goals of the handler. Your dog receives multiple sessions per day, which is a great option for consistency, faster results, and enhanced problem-solving.

Think of board and train as dog boot camp or a dog obedience school getaway where your dog works hard, plays hard, and comes back with a greater grasp of good behavior, but still as lovable as ever.

If you were searching for “dog board and train near me,” Spitze K9 offers its premiere dog boot camp experience near you so that your dog gets only the best training around. We are glad you found us, and we are eager to help.

Our board and train program is the best option because it allows uninterrupted consistent, training in an immersive environment to firmly cement the things we are teaching into their brain. When your dog returns home they will have had a nice vacation and a positive training experience, making your best friend, even better.

Training Received While Your Dog Is Boarding With Spitze K9

Your dog will receive off-leash training, duration sit training, duration down training, loose leash walking,  come when called training, and more as needed.  Your dog will receive expert dog training 2-3 times a day as well as socialization with other dogs!

Our Dog Training Facility

Because we firmly believe that your dog is not meant to be stuck inside on concrete, once we are confident in your dog’s ability to come when called, your dog will have a chance to live its best life and run free on our 27-acre property. Your dog will receive the love and attention from us that it is accustomed to at home.

Dog Boarding Reservations

Let us know below what you are struggling with, or what training you would like your dog to receive.  We will evaluate your dog and recommend the amount of time they should spend with us at our training facility. Reserve a spot today!

After Training

Once your dog does a couple of weeks of training at our dog training school through board and train, you will be added to our private social media group! If you and your dog have been a part of our board and train program, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. It’s like you are a part of our family.


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