Dog Training Pittsburgh

SpitzeK9 offers many options to train individuals and their dogs ranging from:

  • Basic Dog Training – House Training, Crate Training, Sit, Down, Come
  • Advanced Obedience Dog Training – Heeling, Loose Leash Walking, Retrieving, Leave It
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • On and Off-Leash Dog Training
  • Behavior Modification – Digging, Chewing, Barking, Marking, Jumping, Biting
  • Sport – Rally, Dock Diving, Agility, Mondio Ring, French Ring, Schutzhund
  • Police and Military
  • Personal Protection Dog Training
  • Detection Training – S.A.R, Narcotics, Explosives

At SpitzeK9 we are amongst the leading dog training professionals. We actively compete in advanced off-leash dog obedience training, and protection sports with our German Shepherd Dogs. Being the go to choice for celebrity dog owners, professional athletes, police, military, and families alike. 

SpitzeK9 has also trained dogs for the production of television shows, and major motion pictures, to include The Rachel Ray Show; Q.V.C; CBS original series, One Dollar; WGN, The Outsiders; Netflix Original, MindHunter.

SpitzeK9 is even enlisted by zoo’s, and wildlife rescues to train and handle, your dogs ancestors and wild counterparts, British Columbian Timberwolves; also known as The Grey Wolf. We are currently integrated into a pack and have successfully trained and handled them for appearances on music videos; the NBC television show Manifest; The Rachel Ray Show; and The National Wildlife Federation Conservation Awards, CONNIE’s. 

Does your dog pull you on walks, like they are training for the Iditarod, making walks unbearable? 

Does your dog not come when called?

Does your dog bark incessantly?

Does your dog jump on guests?

Does your dog, engage in destructive behavior; dig holes in your yard and garden; chew on your belongings?

Do you have an aggressive, shy, or reactive dog?

Here at SpitzeK9 we individually customized our training to handle all of your dogs specific training needs, regardless of breed, size, or temperament. We also specialize in training socially aggressive and animal aggressive dogs that other trainers and kennels refuse to. We train the dog, and work with the handler to achieve control and peace of mind resulting in a better relationship.

Please feel free to Contact Us with questions or reservations.