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Board And Train

Our board and train option provides your dog with daily training at our facility. The duration can be from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the needs of the dog and the goals of the handler. Your dog receives multiple sessions per day, which is a great option for faster results, and problem solving.

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When you come to SpitzeK9 you will be welcomed into a fresh and friendly environment where you and your best friend will be treated like one of the family. To get started Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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Dog Training & Socialization

Training Daycare and socialization

At SpitzeK9, we understand that dogs are social animals. Dogs greatly benefit in their training, and overall well-being, from regular structured socialization. Our daycare focuses on providing your dog with a comfortable environment where they can safely socialize under the supervision of our highly-trained staff.

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basic dog training and advanced dog training

Basic & advanced off-leash OBEDIENCE TRAINING

SpitzeK9 offers many options to train individuals and their dogs ranging from: basic to advanced obedience, sport, police, military, personal protection, and detection training.

We also specialize in training socially aggressive and animal aggressive dogs that other trainers and kennels refuse to. We train the dog, and work with the handler to achieve control and peace of mind resulting in a better relationship with your furry companion.

Please feel free to Contact Us with questions or reservations.

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Police & Military Dog Training

Police & Military

We have trained dozens of police and military K9 teams around the globe to certification, and helped countless others fix training issues, always producing stellar results for handlers and their dogs.

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Personal Protection Dog training

Personal Protection
Dog Training

We offer privately-tailored personal protection dogs. Every dog is selected and trained to suit your individual needs, and integrate seamlessly into your family and social dynamics, at home, work, and on the go with the same advanced training as Military and Law Enforcement Patrol Canines.

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