Basic & Advanced Dog Obedience Training

SpitzeK9 offers many options to train individuals and their dogs ranging from: basic to advanced obedience, sport, police, military, personal protection, and detection training.

We also specialize in training socially aggressive and animal aggressive dogs that other trainers and kennels refuse to. We train the dog, and work with the handler to achieve control and peace of mind resulting in a better relationship with your furry companion.

For More information on Advanced Dog Training, read through DOG TRAINING – BASICS TO ADVANCED OBEDIENCE.  If you have additional questions please feel free to Contact Us with questions or reservations.

Dog Grooming

100% All Natural Dog Grooming

At SpitzeK9 you will be welcomed with open arms and paws into a friendly dog-centric environment where you and your best friend will receive the best treatment in the industry. You will be treated as one of the family and the grooming your dog receives will put a smile on both of your faces.

If you are looking for “dog grooming near me” and would like some more information, you can read our Dog Grooming page to see the options we offer.

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Dog Daycare & Socialization Training

Does your dog need a behavior modification, attention on a specific training issue, or guidance on how to interact with other dogs? At SpitzeK9 our dog daycare and socialization training provides them with the perfect learning environment and energy outlet. We ensure that your dog is developing behaviors that allows them to integrate with other dogs resulting in a positive experience and proper socialization.Dog parks, and most dog daycares do not provide your dog with the adequate guidance that is required for proper socialization. These venues often throw your dogs in with random dogs that may bully, frighten, and/or further embolden negative behaviors. Socialization is critical for our dogs development. For proper dog socialization training we must ensure that our dogs have positive interactions and associations with new environments, dogs, and people. Setting our dogs up for success, in the beginning, beats the time intensive and expensive alternative of Dog Aggressive and Reactive Dog, Behavior Modification Training.

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Dog Boarding and Dog Board and Train

Planning a vacation? Let SpitzeK9 care for your dogs so you can travel worry-free. Our Dog Board and Train option will provide your dog with daily training at our facility. For two weeks your dog receives multiple sessions per day, which is a great option for faster results, and problem-solving.

To reserve a spot at our facility, and to give you and your dog a positive life-changing experience, visit our Board and Train Reservations page and start a conversation with Antonio. Once your dog graduates from boot camp, you will notice a difference in behavior and receive instructions from the master himself!


Police & Military Dogs

We have trained dozens of police and military K9 teams around the globe to certification and helped countless others fix training issues, always producing stellar results for handlers and their dogs.  If you are part of a k9 police unit, or an up and coming police k9 unit and looking for “police dog training near me” Spitze K9 has the firm hand and the credentials that you are looking for. Visit our Police and Military Dog page for more information and to submit your request for the best dog training your unit can obtain. Also, please feel free to Contact Us with questions! Start a conversation with Antonio a true expert with a passion to make your k9 succeed.

Personal Protection Dog Training

With crime on the rise, everyone has the right to protect themselves, their loved ones, and property. With escalating tension, worldwide, means of protection are critical.

SpitzeK9 offers privately-tailored personal protection dogs. Every dog is selected and trained to suit your individual needs and integrate seamlessly into your family and social dynamics, at home, work, and on the go with the same advanced training as Military and Law Enforcement Patrol Canines. You know your best friend always has your back, with our personal protection dog, your security just doubled.

For more information, pay a visit to our Personal Protection Dog Training page and Contact Us with any questions you have regarding personal protection dogs.