At SpitzeK9, we understand that dogs are social animals. Dogs greatly benefit in their training, and overall well-being, from regular structured socialization. Our daycare focuses on providing your dog with a comfortable environment where they can safely socialize under the supervision of our highly-trained staff.

Socialization for More Effective Dog Training

At our daycare facility, your dog will spend the day playing, exploring, and socializing with other dogs. In addition to exercise and fun, your dog will also receive expert training based on their unique needs.

Our daycare setting is designed to provide your dog with an environment where they can receive structured socialization that can improve their behavior and enhance their training efforts.
We offer a wide range of training service from basic obedience to advanced training to meet your dog’s needs and help you achieve the training goals you have for them.

Clean and Safe Daycare Facilities

In addition to providing you with comprehensive training programs tailored to your dog’s unique needs, we take pride in maintaining clean and healthy facilities for your pet. Our facility offers your pet plenty of space and rooms for your pet to play, socialize, and rest.
We strive to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your pet to ensure they receive top-notch obedience in a manner that is safe and effective for their overall well-being.

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