Which Dogs are the Easiest to Train?

While dogs are beloved pets, not all dog breeds are easy to train, which can be a massive source of stress for dog owners. Without basic commands and obedience, dogs can develop unwanted behaviors, such as destroying your belongings, pulling on the leash, or poorly socializing with people or other pets. While any dog can be trained by a qualified dog trainer some are predisposed to good behavior while others are not.

If you are looking for a dog that can be more easily trained to become an obedient companion, here are some breeds to consider:

Labrador Retriever

dogs running across the grass out of the forest
This breed is widely known for its intelligence and natural desire to please. This makes them the ideal breed for training, making them one of the most popular breeds for families. In addition to their trainability, labs are also loving and loyal companions that will form strong bonds with their humans.

Golden Retriever

Another highly intelligent breed, golden retrievers are easily trainable, making them popular family pets. They’re also incredibly affectionate, always ready to show their love for their families with cuddles and kisses. Golden retrievers have an innate desire to please their owners, which makes training a breeze.


This breed is known for being one of the most intelligent dogs out there. As a result, they’re highly trainable and able to learn commands quickly. Poodles are also incredibly loyal and make great companions for both children and adults alike.

German Shepherd

This breed is renowned for its intelligence, making it an ideal candidate for obedience training. German shepherds are also incredibly loyal and protective, making them excellent guard dogs.


While these short-legged dogs may look small and cuddly, they’re actually highly intelligent and eager to please their owners. With patience and consistency in training, dachshunds can learn an array of commands with ease.

When deciding on a new pup, it’s important to keep trainability in mind. All dogs can be trained, but some breeds are easier and quicker than others. The five breeds listed above are known for their intelligence and natural desire to please their owners, making them the ideal companions for families looking for an easy-to-train pup.

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