Will Board and Train Affect My Bond with My Dog?

When clients inquire about our Board and Train program, a question we sometimes get is whether their dog being trained by someone else will have an effect on their special bond with their dog. We understand how important the bond is between a dog and its owner, so this concern is normal. So will our board and train program affect your bond with your dog? The short answer is; no. Here are the insights from the SpitzeK9 team on the matter.

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Dog Board & Train Programs Really Help Your Dog

Whether you are planning a vacation or have a special work conference to attend out of town, dog boarding can help make planning your trip less stressful. Using a dog boarding service, you can rest assured that your dog will have somewhere safe, where they will receive care and attention throughout your trip.

In addition to peace of mind, there are various benefits to using a boarding facility for your dog while you are traveling.

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