Will Board and Train Affect My Bond with My Dog?

When clients inquire about our Board and Train program, a question we sometimes get is whether their dog being trained by someone else will have an effect on their special bond with their dog. We understand how important the bond is between a dog and its owner, so this concern is normal. So will our board and train program affect your bond with your dog? The short answer is; no. Here are the insights from the SpitzeK9 team on the matter.

The Reality of Board and Train Programs

dog that went through board and train program that is obedient

At SpitzeK9, we have experience in training hundreds of dogs, and when they return home, they are happy to be back with their owner. Once they complete training, they settle back into their life at home seamlessly. We have never had a dog forget about its owner or act distant from its owner when they returned. We have also never had an owner feel like their bond was broken due to board and train.
The bond you have with your dog is strong and will not be broken by time spent in our board and train program. Training your dog is a lifetime of work, so you will have plenty of time to continue to bond with your pet through training; our experienced team is simply laying the groundwork for success.

Won’t My Dog Be Stressed Out if They are Boarded?

While being away from their home can be stressful for dogs, this stress can act as a catalyst for change in both dogs and people. Dogs can adapt to their surroundings easily, and it is something we see all the time in our boarding facility. This is why our board and train program is so successful.

What Happens When Our Board and Train is Complete?

One week in our board and train program is equal to the average dog owner working with their dog for two or three months. When training is completed, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to keep the change we have incited in your dog and mold it into their new behavior pattern.

What to Keep in Mind with Our Board and Train Programs

When it comes to a board and train, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind, including:
  • Training requires maintenance- Dogs are animals, not robots. Even with our expert training, it will still take maintenance on your part to keep your dog’s skills sharp.
  • You as a pet owner will make mistakes. Your dog will make mistakes as well mostly caused by you, but that is okay. We are here to fix it. Once your dog does training with us, you will be added to our private group. If you have participated in our board and train program, we will help you through any issue within the scope of what we trained for the life of your furry companion.

Reserve A Board and Train Spot With Spitze K9 Today!

We will work with you to learn about your concerns, what you are struggling with, and what training you would like your dog to receive. Our team will evaluate your dog and make recommendations on how much time they should spend with us. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Antonio Andolini, Dog Training Expert at Spitze K9
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Antonio has taken care of dogs since his youth and has worked with law enforcement agencies to train dogs in the US and Internationally as well as countless other pet dogs since he started Spitze K9.
He has been an established dog expert for years.