Dog Board and Train Programs: Helpful or Harmful?

Whether you are planning a vacation or have a special work conference to attend out of town, dog boarding can help make planning your trip less stressful. Using a dog boarding service, you can rest assured that your dog will have somewhere safe, where they will receive care and attention throughout your trip.

In addition to peace of mind, there are various benefits to using a boarding facility for your dog while you are traveling.

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Engaging, Stimulating Activities Every Day

Each day, your dog will participate in fun and stimulating activities indoors and outdoors to keep your pet engaged. From running across bridges and benches to playing fetch and more, they will receive the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. They will have the opportunity to spend the day playing, exploring, and socializing with other dogs.

Safe, Supervised Environment for Attention and Socialization

Your dog will receive the attention they need in a safe and supervised environment. Proper safety protocols and measures are in place to help protect your pet from the risk of injury caused by other pets or equipment. Check that your local boarding facility is up to date on their pet first aid and their insurance.

Attention helps your pet feel loved, so we ensure that your pet receives the care and attention they need to thrive! We have also designed our dog boarding setting to provide your dog with an environment where they can receive structured socialization with other dogs to improve their behavior and enhance their training efforts.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration

With all the fun and activity your pet will be participating in, proper nutrition and hydration are crucial to their health. During their boarding, they will receive quality food and a constant fresh supply of water. If your pet has any special dietary needs, be sure to speak with the boarding facility to ensure they are met.

Training During Board and Train

Transform boarding into a doggy boot camp where your pet will receive training based on their unique needs. Our highly trained staff provides a wide range of training services from basic obedience to advanced training. Our training programs are designed to meet your dog’s needs while helping you achieve the training goals you have for your dog.

During their time boarding with us, your dog will receive multiple training sessions per day to help achieve faster results and problem-solving. This training may last a few days or may need to continue for a few weeks after boarding, depending on your dog’s needs and the handler’s goals.

How do I Prepare My Dog for a Board and Train?

It is hard for your pet when you leave them to help make them more comfortable and schedule a time to visit the new facility. You may also want to see if they offer doggy daycare so you can send your dog there for a trial run before your trip. This will help them get used to the facility and make it easier for them while you are away.

You also want to make sure that your pet is up to date on their shots. They will be around multiple dogs while they are in the boarding facilities, so many boarding facilities will require proof of updated shots. Be sure to check the facility requirements and speak with your veterinarian to ensure your pet is adequately vaccinated for their stay.

Professional Dog Board and Train Services in Pittsburgh

If you are looking for a top-quality dog board and train facility in Pittsburgh, look no further than SpitzeK9. Our highly trained staff will work with your pet during their stay to help you achieve your training goals and meet their behavioral needs. Contact us today to book your dog’s stay!

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